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Jay's Weekend In Five Pictures 12/2-12/4

We had a pretty full weekend of stuff to do.

One of the first things we did was attend Frosty Fest, our neighborhood's holiday celebration.

This year, there was a coat collection drive and we made sure to donate some...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

There were all kinds of things going on.

Santa Claus was taking pictures with kids, there were train & pony rides, jump-houses, a video game truck and a fire truck!

The kids had a blast at the petting zoo.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

If you ask Sophia what kind of animal that is, she'll tell you it's an ass.

She thinks she's so clever.

I almost forgot to mention the ice slide!

Check out this action shot I got of Cash sliding down...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

That was a lot of fun.

Saturday afternoon was an extra special moment for all of us.

We celebrated Friendsgiving with the neighbors on our street.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

These are some wonderful people to live next to.

I love seeing all the kids play and grow up together.

Here they are at the kids table...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

There was so much tasty food to eat.

Shout out to Jason the grill master and Jake the Turkey king.

On Sunday, Sophia had time to practice driving.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

Watching this kid drive a car is always a little weird.

She's still just a little girl in my eyes.

Finally, Julie and I managed to knock out another puzzle...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez

That's a 750-piece puzzle from Ceaco featuring Beauty and the Beast dancing in the snow.

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