Albert Pujols Hasn't Decided If He'll Retire At The End Of The Season!

Last week, Albert Pujols' wife posted on Instagram that this would be his last season as she reflected on his baseball journey. The Instagram posted ended up going viral as fans of the three time MVP and 10 time All-Star were shocked. Albert's wife ended up editing the post and clarifying that she meant that it was the last season of Albert's contact with the Angels. She went on to say she was simply trying to send her husband “blessings” going into this season and it was not an official retirement announcement. Albert said the post was misinterpreted and blown out of proportion.

“It’s the same thing that she’s always done, sending me every year with a blessing. If she had just originally said, 'the last year on my contract with the Angels,' it would have been different. But I told her, ‘You don’t need to apologize. I know what you mean.’”

Albert went on to say that any official announcement will come in a more formal manner and not an Instagram post, "When I feel like it’s time to go, everybody’s going to find out at the same time.”

Angels manager, Joe Maddon even weighed in on the situation saying it was “no big deal”

Photo Credit: Getty Images