Tower Records Has Returned As An Online Music Store!

While it seems like the days of going to music stores to pick up a physical cd has fizzled out, but Tower Records is back...sort of. The well known record store is back as an online store due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Tower Record's new CEO, Danny Zeijdel, the original plan was to relaunch during the South by Southwest Music Festival and as pop-up shops. However, the pandemic forced Tower Records to turn into an online store selling vinyl, cassettes and compact discs. Tower Records has been hosting interviews on Instagram Live with up-and-coming artists and has future plans to collaborate with musicians. The first location opened in Sacramento in 1960 before growing to some 200 stores across the globe where they eventually all closed down by 2006.

Do you plan on buying Vinyl, cassettes and CDs from Tower Records once again?

Photo Credit: Getty Images