This Hack Will Make Your Mushy Strawberries Normal Again!

We've all been there when we want to eat some juicy strawberries, but instead it's mushy. Well thanks to this genius hack by Brittany King, you can actually make your mushy strawberries as good as new and it's super easy! All you need is a bowl that's big enough for the strawberries not to touch and some ice. Put your mushy strawberries in the bowl then without squishing the strawberries, cover them in ice and pour water in the bowl until it floats. Just let the strawberries sit in the bowl of water and ice for 20 minutes and the fruit will be brought back to life in no time. It turns out this hack will work for lettuce as well, just let it sit for only 10 minutes.

Who knew this would work?! Are you going to try this?

Photo Credit: Getty Images