This Website Tracks Toilet Paper Supplies At All Costco Locations!

The coronavirus pandemic has caused people to panic buy a lot of items, specifically toilet paper and paper towels. The short supply of these goods is causing people to make multiple stops at different stores just trying to find basic necessities. A blog called normally highlights all of the clearance items at Costco across the country, but they just launched a "TP Tracker" so users can see what products their local Costco has in stock. As of now the tracker is keeping tabs on toilet paper, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, water, rice, and Lysol. All you have to do is look up your store in the search box by city. Then you can sort any column by clicking on the column header and when you click the little green plus sign next to the time stamp, it will show you what items are in stock. It will also show you the last time the sight was updated. If you don’t see your store listed, it doesn’t mean there is no stock, it just means someone hasn’t reported on that location yet. This is perfect because now you can see which Costco to go to in order to get the supplies you're looking for.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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