The REAL ID Deadline Has Been Postponed Amid Coronavirus Outbreak!

Let's be real here for a second, when it comes anything dealing with going to the DMV most of us wait until the last minute because no one wants to stand in line and getting an appointment will be months away. One thing you might have been putting off is getting your REAL ID so you don't have to whip out your passport when traveling domestically. The deadline was originally on October 1st, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, the deadline has been indefinitely extended so that should ease with from some of the pressure. President Donald Trump made the announcement recently, but he didn't mention exactly when the new deadline would be.

Last week, the National Governors Association called for a one-year extension. However, Airports Council International President and CEO Kevin Burke called Trump’s decision “prudent." He said,

"Right now, a two-year postponement should provide time for the industry to fully recover while giving passengers, states, and the departments of motor vehicles time to prepare for a more efficient implementation of REAL ID.”

As of right now, the DMV has stopped accepting walk-ins, reduced seating in lobbies, granted 60-day extensions for license renewals and getting smog checks. Each DMV location has different rules implemented, some are accepting appointments only and others are closed down completely.

Photo Credit: Getty Images