TRUE LIFE: I Have Ugly Feet

Hi. My name is Sara Jean. And I have ugly feet.

I post pics of my feet often and I've been inundated with body shamers telling me to go get a pedicure. 

Well this is my response to you...These feet are so ugly they are beautiful. They've hiked miles upon miles, under waterfalls and through deserts and gorges and dense forests. They've climbed mountains and convinced my brain to keep going when it was prepared to give up. They've endured long hours in spike heels to benefit charities my heart aches for. They've ran races and helped me to receive medals that remind me I am capable of anything. These feet have black toe nails. They have blisters and callouses and bruises. My big toes grow hair. They are not painted. They aren't adorned with jewelry. These feet are dirty because I'd rather feel the soft earth under my bare skin than suffocate them in socks and shoes. 

So no, I will not be wasting my money on letting a stranger try and fix my feet so that you feel more comfortable looking at them. 

And no, I won't tell you to go grow a beard to cover up your face either.

Happy National I LOVE MY FEET day!

Sara Jean

Sara Jean

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