Your Watershed Festival Checklist

The possibility of you forgetting something important for Watershed weekend is high. Add in some alcohol consumption and scorching temps both resulting in brain melt and the likelihood only grows.

This list should help. This is a roundup of things you will need and/or want for the weekend to make it as enjoyable, painless and stress-free as possible. That way you can spend your time enjoying the music and watching your favorite country artist in his tight blue jeans and not wondering how you're going to get through three whole days without a disaster.


- Wristbands (Make sure you've registered them once you receive them! You can do that HERE)

- ID (bring a backup if you have one)

- CASH, lots of it!

- Debit/Credit Card

- Proof of Car Insurance /AAA Card (here's to hoping you don't need either)

- Keys (bring a spare car key so you don't need the above AAA card)

- Phone with car/wall/mobile charger

- Jumper Cables - because somebody is bound to drain their car battery charging their phone (I speak from experience...two years in a row).

- Lineup with schedule mapped out so you don't miss your favorite artist!


- Tent/Poles/Stakes

- EZ Up Canopy (because it's probably going to be 100 degrees & shade is hard to come by)

- Tapestries or sheets to hang on EZ Up walls that allow breeze to come through but provide more shade.

- Pillows/Blankets/Sleeping Bag

- Air Mattress (Don't forget the pump AND the car converter)

- Bungee Cords/Rope/Zip Ties/DUCT TAPE (LOTS OF DUCT TAPE - you'll need it. I promise.)

- Multi-Purpose Knife

- Flashlights and solar powered lanterns

- Battery operated fan (did I mention it's going to be 100 degrees in the desert?)


- Camp Chairs

- Table

- Bluetooth Speaker & charger

- Camp Flag - because getting lost is almost TOO EASY at the Gorge.

- Old rug - so when you pass out on the ground it doesn't look quite as bad.


- COOLER (Freeze milk jugs full of water to keep things cooler longer than with ice alone, ADD SALT to ice water for the quickest cooling method)

- Tub for dishes, etc.

- Small cook stove & fuel

- Lighter/matches

- Garbage bags (pack it in, pack it out)

- Paper Towels

- Bottle/Wine Opener

- Paper Plates/Plastic Silverware/Red Solo Cups (extra if you plan on playing beer pong)

- Cooking Pot/Utensils

- Water bottle/Sippy Cup/Koozies


- Non-perishable food

- ICE (As much as possible, freeze drinks for added cooling)


- Earplugs/sleeping mask

- Sunscreen

- Emergen-C Packets (hangover cure)

- Ibuprofin/First Aid Kit

- Hand Sanitizer

- Baby Wipes (cause the porta-potties ALWAYS run out of TP)

- Dry Shampoo

- Beach Towel

- Football/Playing Cards/Beer Pong Table/Plastic Sheets & Dish Soap to Slip N Slide/Shotski/Plastic Shot Glasses/Etc

- Pink Flamingos. Can be used as beer bongs later. (General store has 'em for cheap - I promise you won't regret this decision)

-Kiddie Pool. It's 100% worth the trip back and forth to the faucet to fill it. 

- Group Mascot (photo ops are fun. Just be prepared as mascots tend to wind up missing....RIP Larry the Lizard)

- Fun Costumes. Because Watershed is...well, fun.


- Hat (cowboy or trucker will do).

- Bandana

- Tanks/T-Shirts

- Sweatshirt/flannel (Tie it around your waist. You can sit on it at the show or use it to keep warm if by some crazy chance things cool down)

- Shorts (avoid rompers, ladies. Trying to pee in a hot porta-potty in a romper is the worst experience you'll likely ever have. I speak from experience haha)

- Sweats for lounging at camp

- Cowboy Boots (break 'em in first!)

- Sandals

- Swimsuit (Why? Foam Parties and Waterslides and day trips to Vantage...that's why.)

- Socks that fit in your boots!

- Undies & bras (guys you can leave the bra at home - ladies also be aware...these items have been known to go missing from campsites. Lock 'em up...I speak again, from experience.)

- Sunglasses (They will probably get broken. Just warning you. So bring an extra pair)

- Backpack/Fanny Pack/Over the Shoulder Bag

- Bathroom essentials (toothbrush, soap, makeup, contact stuff, hair-ties, bobby pins, dry shampoo, baby wipes etc)

- Mirror

- 'Merica ANYTHING.

And finally - Make sure you are bringing your favorite people. The family you create at Watershed is one you'll keep for the rest of your life!

Go get 'em Shedders!!!!

Sara Jean

Sara Jean

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