GET OUTSIDE: The Tale of Two Horseshoes

According to a new survey, the average person wastes 29 hours a year because of bad advice from their GPS. The main ways they waste our time are by giving us confusing directions so we have to backtrack . . . picking dumb routes . . . or leading us into bad traffic. If you average it out, your GPS is costing you around a half hour a week . . . which actually seems about right. The survey also found 47% of us have gotten into a shouting match with our GPS even though, you know, it's not a person and it can't hear you. (Source: Telegraph)

So in one of these not-so-rare instances, I set forth to explore a little-known lake dubbed Horseshoe in my kayak. The lake was supposed to have a waterfall and was supposed to be near Deer Park. 

My GPS had other plans, however, and brought me out past Deep Creek toward Tum Tum. To a much smaller, lilly-pad covered lake by the same name. 

But hey - two horseshoes are better than one right? Double the luck! I spent two consecutive days on two beautiful, yet very different lakes in my kayak appropriately named serenity. Nobody to be seen. Just me, nature, a lot of pine pollen, the burning sun and some incredible wildlife. 

Check out the pics below! 

Directions to the smaller Horseshoe Lake!


Directions to the larger Horseshoe Lake!

Sara Jean

Sara Jean

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