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Wedding Guests Un-Invited Over RSVP Demands

Brides get a lot of grief for being demanding these days. Hence the term bridezilla, right?

Well, maybe we need to start calling out some of the guests as well. Like the guestzillas who responded to an un-named bride's wedding invitation with a list of their requirements (demands?) to attend.

For one thing, they said 6 would be attending, not the 2 who were invited.

And they'd need power to hook up their RV. Plus transportation to all wedding events.

They did offer to throw a breakfast AT THE BRIDE'S HOME on the day before the wedding.

Then they reminded the bride that it took a lot of planning for them to be able to make this trip.

The flustered bride posted the RSVP on a wedding shaming Facebook page and the outrage was instantaneous.

The result? They've been un-invited.

I guess it was either that or elope!

Wedding Rings and Invite

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