Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Marti

Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Marti

Meet Marti.

Marti is an 8-month-old Canaan waiting for his forever home at the Spokane Humane Society.

Marti caught my eye last week while I was leaving the shelter. He was crying, desperately pushing his paw through the gap in his kennel at me. A puppy temper tantrum if I ever saw one. It was devastating. I swore if he was still there the following week, he'd be the dog I featured - full heartedly expecting him to be gone. Puppies don't have to wait very long for their forever homes.

I walked in and there he was. Crying again, begging me to notice his sad eyes.

"Wanna go for a walkie?"

I may has well have told him he'd be eating prime rib for the rest of his life. At that moment I saw a whole different side of Marti...and realized why he probably hadn't been adopted yet.

Marti is rambunctious. He's a puppy after all. But he's a puppy who's never gotten an ounce of training because he's grown up in the shelter. Not much is known about Marti other than that. He was transferred from another facility so who knows how long he's been behind bars.

Once Marti was out on the leash his curiosity came out. He smelled all the smells and completely ignored me. He was so happy for the freedom. Once he got familiar with his surroundings he finally decided to say thank you to me for the walk. And, as puppies do, this meant - LET'S PLAY. Only Marti's idea of playing may be different than that of a disciplined dog. He tugged on the leash and tugged on my sleeve. He jumped over my head like we were playing leap frog each time I crouched down. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. By the time I got him to calm down I looked as if I'd been hit by a tornado - hair in disarray, lipstick across my face. But I had a handsome little guy there to kiss me and make it better. Marti saw another dog as we cuddled on the lawn and immediately backed into me putting all of his weight onto my legs...he's going to be a loyal protector to someone someday.

Marti needs a home that has the time to train him. To love him. To let him burn off that pent up 8-months of energy. A home that is PATIENT. That understands HE IS A PUPPY. This is what puppies do. Don't give up on him. He really is a good boy. The best boy. Only nobody has ever told him that. And he doesn't understand his potential.

Marti would do best in a home with out kitty cats. Small children probably aren't a good idea either.

Marti is neutered, micro-chipped and up to date on all of his vaccinations!

His adoption fee is $150.

Learn more about Marti HERE.



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