Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Waddles

Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Waddles

Meet Waddles!

Waddles is a 4-year-old heeler mix currently in foster care waiting for his forever home through the Spokane Humane Society.

Waddles has been on an adventure.

Waddles was lost from his previous owner in mid-August. He was on the run for 5 weeks near Wandermere then was eventually caught Sept 15 on Greenbluff and surrendered back to Spokane Humane Society.

Waddles is a very good boy, just a bit shy and skittish. Who knows what he encountered while out on his own alone. But somehow this sweet boy survived.

He does not have issues with cats, dogs or children, but he does need slow introduction to other pets. After he warms up to you, he is very loving. He likes neck and belly rubs (and he is SO SOFT)! He is great in the car. He walks very well on a lead and does not pull, in fact, he almost prances when he's out in the freedom of the fresh air. However, he is a huge flight risk and should never be outside his fence without a harness lead. He got lost backing out of his collar. A harness is a MUST for Waddles. He is 100% house trained and will not go in the house or his kennel. In fact, he's pretty shy when it comes to doing his business and would rather you weren't watching - which is why he needs a fenced yard. He doesn't like to go while on his lead.

More positives about Waddles: He hardly sheds at all. He is mellow and likes a good nap. But he can be happy and playful when the time is right. He would do great with someone who could be with him all day and would do great with an elderly individual. Really, he'd be great with anyone who wants to give him the time, patience, love and attention he needs for his happiness.

He has the opportunity to be kennel trained and right now he feels safe in his kennel.

He will make someone a great companion dog. He is very loyal and sweet and needs his forever home!

Waddles is neutered and up to date on all of his vaccines. He is currently in a foster home with Sheila. Please call her at (509) 362-0110 for information about adopting this VERY good boy!




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