Wet Nose Wednesday: The Cats of Purris

Wet Nose Wednesday: The Cats of Purris

I would like to introduce you to the cats of Purris.

Purris is a special room at the Spokane Humane Society where the hard to adopt cats go. Most of them are very skittish, some are quite grumpy, many can be aggressive but all come with a story of survival. Histories differ with most of the cats who find shelter here, but currently most of them came from the same place - a hoarding case where 40 cats were saved by the Spokane Humane Society. Most were in horrible health, they were dirty and they were in dire need of help to survive.

Their past has molded them into the frightened fur babes they have become. And the shelter is scary. The sounds, the visitors, the smells. This doesn't make these cats any less of a great feline, though. It just makes them special. They aren't cuddly. They don't want to play. They want a life where they can do what cats were meant to do...roam free, hunt and sleep all day. Somewhere safe where there's a warm bed and fresh food and water. These cats were built for the barn life.

All cats residing in Purris are free to the right adopter.

They are all spayed, neutered, microchipped and up to date on their vaccines.

Visit them today at the Spokane Humane Society.








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