Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Pike


Meet Pike!

Pike is a 3-year old male Australian Kelpie waiting for his forever home at the Spokane Humane Society!

Pike was surrendered to the shelter because he struggled to make friends with the other animals in his previous home - cats, a pig and a goat. I do believe I have some insight on why though. Pike wants you to himself. He will be the most loyal companion you've ever had - but that does come with it's challenges. He has separation anxiety. He can be destructive when left alone for long periods of time. He has accidents when he's overly excited. But he LOVES. HARD.

I can't stop thinking about this sweet boy. From the moment I walked into the kennel he let it be known he wanted to be this week's featured pet. He barked and barked and wagged his tail, begging me to notice him. The barking completely subsided once I opened his gate and slipped the leash around his neck. And it was replaced with sheer delight. He jumped up on me, wrapping his paws around my neck in the most gracious puppy hug. Once outside, we ran (me in high-heels but how do you tell a dog like this no?), we snuggled, we worked on commands. He saw a cat and he completely ignored it. He snuggled me and stole my heart and every time I said "good boy" he went into a level excitement I've never witnessed before in a dog. Maybe he hasn't heard it enough. He deserves to.

I've been told Pike loves coffee stands (puppaccinos are his jam), hikes, swimming, retrieving and cuddling. He's the whole package.

Pike needs a home without other animals. A home that can provide him with the love and attention he wants to provide to you.

Pike's adoption fee is $150. He has been neutered, microchipped and is up to date with all of his shots.

Get more info on Pike HERE.



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