Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Whiskers


Meet Whiskers!

Whiskers is a two-year old female domestic longhair waiting for her forever home at the Spokane Humane Society!

Whiskers isn't going to be the kitty to fight for your attention when you walk into the cat room at the shelter. And that may be why no one has given her a chance yet. You'll find her under her blankie, safe from the sounds and the chaos beyond her cage door. But she really does want to go home, she just isn't sure how to get you to notice her. Whiskers came to the shelter with her kittens, and is now the only one waiting for a home. Her eyes are pure gold, much like her sweet heart. She's not big on playing. You won't find her batting at a catnip toy or chasing a string. She'd rather be curled up somewhere safe, somewhere quiet, somewhere she knows feels like the home she's never had.

Could this tiny gal be your companion for life?

Whiskers is spayed, microchipped and up to date with all of her vaccines.

She currently has no adoption fee.

Visit her today and get more info HERE.



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