Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Lexi


Meet Lexi!

Lexi is a five-year old female pit bull mix waiting for her forever home at the Spokane Humane Society!

Lexi made eye contact with me as I walked into the kennel at the shelter within my first two steps and I knew she was going to be this week's featured dog. She stuck her nose through the gate and rested her chin on my hand, softly closing her eyes as if she were making a wish. My wish is that it comes true.

Lexi is a rescue from a high-kill shelter in Texas. Little is known about her past but from looking at her it's apparent where she came from. Lexi was used for breeding. Likely from a puppy mill that kept her in very small quarters and didn't care for her as a dog should be cared for. She's thin. Her tail curls down naturally and she hasn't grown fur on her spine - all likely due to the small quarters she was kept in her whole life. She's nursed many puppies which is also obvious from looking at her belly. She's beautiful. A blue-hued gray with white feet. Perfect pointy ears. Likely all contributing factors to why she was used for breeding.

Typically a case like this would result in a dog weary of humans. But Lexi aims to please. She's grateful for everything. Pets, treats, sweet words of affirmation. She thinks she's a lap dog and loves to give kisses. She pressed her head against my stomach as if to tell me thank you for her walk. She's everything anyone could ever want in a companion. She's literally perfect in every way.

Lexi would do best in a home without cats and without small children (not because she's aggressive but because her curiosity of the unknown could get the best of her - but never with bad intention). Lexi just needs LOVE. The same love she's been giving to her puppies her whole life.

Lexi is spayed, micro-chipped and up to date on all of her vaccinations.

Her adoption fee is $150

Learn more about Lexi HERE.



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