Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Zuki


Meet Zuki!

Zuki is an 11-year old female Siamese waiting for her forever home at the Spokane Humane Society!

Zuki was rescued from a North Idaho hoarding case involving close to 100 cats. The man passed away his will stated that he wanted his estate to go to whomever would take care of his cats. After every other shelter in the region said no, the Spokane Humane Society said yes, and worked diligently to save the oldest and most unhealthy cats first. As of today, all cats have finally been rescued from the property and are being prepped and primed for adoption. Zuki is one of those sweet cats. And let me tell you, she's ready to go home!

Zuki has a purr that could compete in volume with your Grandpa snoring in the armchair when he falls asleep watching TV. Only much sweeter and far more tolerable! She is a happy girl despite all life has thrown her way. And don't let her age fool you. Zuki would love for you to play with her and even better, let her nibble your nose. Zuki doesn't have any teeth so I found this as a sweet sign of affection and a way for her to sense you better - Zuki is also close to blind. But again, this doesn't slow her down one bit. She's only as old as she feels and watching this senior kitty wander about the Big Cat Room I realized, she thinks she's still at her prime. Heck, maybe she is! She scratched every scratching post, rubbed her cheeks against every corner, as if to tell the rest of the kitties - this is the land of the Zuki. But in the most polite manner possible. She is still a lady after all.

Can Zuki be the lady of your manor? She deserves to be treated like the royalty she was intended to be.

Zuki is spayed, microchipped and up to date with all of her vaccines.

Her adoption fee is $10.

Visit her today and get more info HERE!



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