Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Gravy

Meet Gravy!

Gravy is a 3-year old female domestic shorthair waiting for her forever home at the Spokane Humane Society!

Gravy has been catching my eye for a few weeks now. The second you walk into the Big Cat Room at the shelter she starts crying out to you. She paws at you through her cage. Rolls and purrs and makes eye contact begging for you to take her home. I hadn't featured her because she had such a big personality and was so beautiful and still so young I had assumed she'd get adopted right away. But Gravy has been there since the beginning of May. Almost three months. And that's three months too long.

So why is Gravy still up for adoption. Gravy isn't allowed out of her cage which means folks tend to pass by her. But the reason behind Gravy's incarceration isn't her fault. Gravy has some skin allergies. Dermatitis caused by food. So she needs to be on a special prescription diet and go to a home where she can be fed twice a day rather than given a self-feeder. And she probably should be the only cat because otherwise she will eat everyone else's food and have a skin flare-up as a result. And nobody wants an itchy kitty.

But if you give Gravy a home that offers her what she needs, she will repay you with a lifetime of neck nuzzles, snuggles, conversation and entertainment. She'd be the best roomie you've ever had and a loyal best friend.

Gravy is spayed, microchipped and up to date with all of her vaccines.

His adoption fee is $30.

Visit her today and get more info HERE!



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