Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Fluffy


Meet Fluffy!

Fluffy is a 12-year old male domestic longhair waiting for his forever home at the Spokane Humane Society.

Fluffy was rescued from a North Idaho hoarding case involving close to 100 cats. The man passed away his will stated that he wanted his estate to go to whomever would take care of his cats. After every other shelter in the region said no, the Spokane Humane Society said yes, and worked diligently to save the oldest and most unhealthy cats first. As of today, all cats have finally been rescued from the property and are being prepped and primed for adoption. Fluffy is one of those sweet cats. And let me tell you, he's ready to go home!

Fluffy greeted me from his cage in the Big Cat Room at SHS the second we arrived. He locked eyes the second I walked in and after letting him out to explore and socialize he proved to be anything but a grumpy old man. He's sweet, loving, gets along great with the other cats and while I visited him he followed me around the room and gave me kisses on the nose every chance he got. Fluffy loves to love and to be loved. He'd make a great snuggle buddy, even though at his age he's a lot more fur and bones than he is meaty. But what he lacks in weight he makes up for in personality.

Fluffy has been through a lot in his 12 years. And he deserves a calm home with someone he can be a loyal companion to.

Fluffy is neutered, microchipped and up to date with all of his vaccines.

His adoption fee is a mere $10.

Visit him today and get more info HERE!



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