Wet Nose Wednesday Pet Daisy


Meet Daisy!

Daisy is a 5-year old female Australian Shepherd waiting her forever home at the Spokane Humane Society.

Daisy is heartbroken.

Daisy had one owner her whole life up until last month. But when health issues and the care of an 87-year-old human became a part of daily life, Daisy no longer could be a part of that person's life. The sweet girl was surrendered to the shelter. And left confused and sad. Daisy's sweet demeanor got her adopted quickly, but she was quickly returned due to separation anxiety. The new owner wasn't home enough for her and she was likely afraid she was going to be abandoned again. And she was.

Daisy buried her face in my lap the second we sat down in the grass at the shelter. She pressed her little body into me as if to claim me as her own. She licked my face and once she felt safe she rolled on her back for belly rubs, keeping eye contact with me the whole time.

Daisy obeys commands and is treat motivated. She's incredibly smart and very cuddly. She's also very fast and has been looking for an escape from her kennel to make a run for home.

This pup will be your loyal companion for life. Give her a chance and don't give up on her.

Daisy is spayed, microchipped and up to date with all of her vaccines.

Her adoption fee is $150.

Visit her today and get more info HERE!



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