Wet Nose Pet: Cinnamon


Meet Cinnamon!

Cinnamon is a 1-year old female Great Pyrenees waiting for her forever home at the Spokane Humane Society.

Cinnamon truly tugged at our heartstrings. This sweet girl is timid at first. Her previous family didn't see how special and wonderful she was. Which resulted in her actually feeling a bit of solace after the door closed behind her previous owners as they said goodbye. But it doesn't mean she understands why she was left behind.

The look in Cinnamon's eyes says it all. And once she warms up to you, she becomes your loyal companion. As we sat in the grass she pushed her body into me, protecting me from the unknown. She'd look up at me and give me a quick kiss to let me know she had my back and she appreciated the soft pets and being told she was a good girl.

Walking away from Cinnamon once she was back in her kennel proved to be the hardest part. We said our goodbyes but I quickly realized I couldn't leave yet. After walking to my car I turned around and went back and sat outside her kennel with her for another 20 minutes. That's when she finally opened up to me. Paws through the kennel gate, sweet sighs and barks begging me not to leave again. She pressed herself against the chain-link fencing and stared me in the eyes, showering me with kisses.

I cried when I finally had to leave. She echoed my cries in return.

Cinnamon would do best in a calm home. A quiet home. She has lived with small dogs in the past and doesn't bark at dogs when she walks by them in the kennel but every situation is different. She needs someone who can earn her trust. Who is gentle with her and understands where she came from and may have experienced prior to her time at the shelter. She needs love. She needs a companion. She needs a human who won't leave her behind and loves her for who she is. And that dog is truly special and one of a kind.

Cinnamon is spayed, microchipped and up to date with all of her vaccines.

Her adoption fee is $150.

Please visit her, take some time with her and bring her home.




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