Wet Nose Pet: Bowser


Meet Bowser!

Bowser is a 6-year old male terrier, pitty mix waiting his forever home at the Spokane Humane Society.

Bowser also has Cushing's Disease.

Bowser came into the shelter after his previous owners realized they didn't have the financial capabilities of caring for him. He was thin, his skin was cracking and he was bleeding all over. He needed the help of the shelter to save his life. As time has passed, Bowser has gained weight, his skin is getting color back, but he still requires a very high amount of care. He has to wear sunscreen and a t-shirt to protect his delicate skin from the sun. He requires daily baths. His disease causes him to need to go potty A LOT. So he has to go to a home with a doggy door and a yard so he can come and go to do his business as he pleases. And he requires very regular veterinary visits and lifelong medications. This will likely cost upwards to $200 a month for his care.

Bowser, however, is worth EVERY PENNY. He loves everyone. Everything. As you walk him through the kennel he stops and says hello to all of his canine friends. He's got a high-pitched bark you'd never think a pitty mix would have. But he only uses it to greet you. He loves to be loved and wouldn't mind if you would let him sit on your lap as you are doing your work or watching TV. He thinks he's much smaller than he is. He obeys commands and is very treat motivated. Bowser is perfect. But needs the perfect home in order for him to thrive.

Bowser is neutered, microchipped and up to date with all of his vaccines.

His adoption fee is $150.

Visit him today and get more info HERE!



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