Wet Nose Pet: Beatrix


Say hello to Beatrix!

Beatrix originally came to the shelter a year ago. And for a year she has struggled to find that perfect forever home. She had a large mass on her shoulder upon arrival and it was diagnosed as soft tissue sarcoma. In order to ensure that they removed it all, her whole front right leg had to be amputated. And within the last year she has proven her strength and resilience by becoming a tri-pawed powerhouse. Aside from a clumsy tumble here and there, Beatrix can run, play fetch and do all the things any normal doggo would do! She loves walks and snuggles and naps - because having three legs can be exhausting!

Beatrix would love to be the "Queen Bea" of your household and has been looking for a place where she can be the only pet and as well as the only child. Kiddos just aren't her favorite thing. Beatrix also needs an opportunity to get to know you outside of her kennel. Being behind bars brings out the defensive, tough side that keeps her feeling safe and not as vulnerable as she won't admit she feels on three legs. But once she leaves the confines of the shelter she turns into a completely different dog. Gentle, calm, not a single bark. She turns her nose up to the sky and breaths in the fresh air and listens to commands.

Beatrix just needs someone to give her a chance. To love her. To scratch behind her ears. To tell her she's a good girl and throw the ball for her. To teach her new things on her three legs and show her that she's capable of anything she sets her mind to.

Beatrix is spayed, microchipped and up to date with all of her vaccinations.

Her adoption fee is $150.

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