Wet Nose Pet: Alexi


Say hello to Alexi!

Alexi is a 14-year old male domestic shorthair waiting for his forever home at the Spokane Humane Society.

Alexi's story is one of second chances. Alexi is the first cat available for adoption after being rescued from a North Idaho hoarding case involving close to 100 cats. The man passed away and left it in his will that he wanted his estate to go to whomever would take care of his cats. After every other shelter in the region said no, the Spokane Humane Society said yes, and has been working diligently to save the oldest and most unhealthy cats first. Which is why Alexi is the first available for adoption.

From the outside Alexi looked like a healthy cat, but a closer look revealed severe dental disease, resulting in an immediate cleaning and multiple extractions. His nails were overgrown, resulting in "double curling" which means his claws were growing back into his paws. This was causing sever inflammation of the tissue on his toes, complete with infection. Veterinarians ultimately had to amputate some of his toes in order to help him heal.

Alexi is still healing but is very afraid and very confused. One can only imagine the life he was living prior to his care at SHS. He needs a home that will be gentle with him. Someplace quiet with someone patient and understanding of the stress he's been under for so much of his long life. He deserves to live out these golden years as any good kitty should. Warm, clean, safe and full of love.

Alexi is neutered, microchipped and up to date with all of his vaccinations.

His adoption fee is $10.

Visit him today!



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