Wet Nose Pet: Benson

Say hello to Benson!

Benson is a 4-year old male Shepherd mix waiting for his forever home at the Spokane Humane Society.

Benson came a long way to find his forever home...in fact Benson came all the way from Texas after being transferred from a shelter lacking in space to keep him. Moving Benson to Spokane was the first step in saving this sweet boy's life. But that was back in December 2018. And Benson is still living in a kennel. Which leads to his next problem. Benson suffers from possible nerve root impingement. Basically what that means is that he has episodes of pain that tend to increase when he is confined to anything smaller than a bedroom - which means no crating or kennelling. If he pain persists, however, he will likely need an MRI to conclude that surgical intervention.

Benson has been in a kennel at the shelter that causes him pain for six months here in Spokane. Even longer if you consider the time he was at the shelter in Texas. It literally hurts Benson every day he doesn't find his forever home.

Benson can be a bit wobbly, but it sure doesn't slow him down. He loves the take in all the smells and sights of the outdoors. He loves to run. But he will need some training when it comes to pulling when being walked and following commands. He's a master at ignoring humans. After what he's been through, understandably so. Once Benson becomes comfortable and familiar with his surroundings he is the biggest snuggle bug - but don't try to take his picture, he's a little insecure in front of the camera.

Due to Benson being transferred in, it is unknown if he is housetrained or not. He would do best in a household without children do to his nerve issues.

This boy deserves a loving home that is open to his ongoing health issues. A meeting with the veterinarian is required prior to adoption.

Benson is spayed, microchipped and up to date with all of his vaccinations.

Her adoption fee is $150.

Visit him today!

Get more info about Benson HERE!



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