Wet Nose Pet: Sunny


Wet Nose Pet: Sunny

Say hello to Sunny!

Sunny is a 10-year-old male domestic shorthair waiting for his forever home at the Spokane Humane Society.

Sunny is a wanderer who wears his heart on his nose! He showed up at his previous owners' doorstep five months ago. Unfortunately they couldn't keep him forever due to time and lack of space and surrendered him to SHS. Sunny is a gentleman. His purr could calm a crying baby. He loves naps and really just wants a warm bed to curl up in.

Sunny is neutered, microchipped and up to date with all of his vaccinations.

Sunny does suffer from some health complications. He has been diagnosed with early stage chronic renal disease - meaning his kidneys are gradually failing. He will need to have his hydration and appetite monitored carefully, and may require regular blood work, medications and blood pressure checks. Kidney problems in cats can often lead to chronic UTI's and inappetance. Because of this, Sunny would do best on a lifelong prescription diet which can be discussed upon adoption.

This gentle, loving cat has been searching for his forever home for longer than we know. In these final years of his life there is nobody that deserves to find what he's been seeking more than Sunny. Can you help fulfill those golden years.

His adoption fee is just $10.

See more about Sunny HERE.



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