UPDATE: Mochi has been adopted!!!!

Wet Nose Pet: Mochi

Say hello to Mochi!

Mochi is a 9-month old male domestic shorthair waiting for his forever home at the Spokane Humane Society.

Upon first meeting with Mochi, you'll be greeted with much enthusiasm. He'll rub up against your legs, talk to you and stand on his hind legs to get as many pets as possible. He's not quite sure if he wants to be loved on though, because playing sounds like so much more fun! Mochi loves his puff-ball toys and admittedly has a hard time sharing attention. He finds humor in chasing other cats away should they come close to the human he's interacting with. Small but mighty, this little guy would do great in a home that allows him room to play and explore and rule the roost. King Mochi will rule the throne and protect your whole household. All he asks is you reward him with treats. Just shaking the package will have him at your feet within seconds.

Mochi also loves the bathroom. So don't expect any privacy if you leave the door open.

Mochi was returned to the shelter because he couldn't play nice with the other cats in his previous home. He was great, however with the dogs. In fact, Mochi is probably a little more puppy than he is kitten.

Mochi is neutered, microchipped and up to date with all of his vaccinations.

His adoption fee is $60.

See more about Mochi HERE.



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