KISS Honor Roll Recognizes Outstanding Teacher Lacey Heinz

Debbie & Lacey

Debbie & Lacey

KISS 98.1 and Quality Water Northwest are pleased to honor and support outstanding educators making a difference in the lives of students in their schools each month. Congratulations to this month’s honored educator, Lacy Heinz!

Ms. Heinz was nominated by her mother, Debbie Nedrow, who had this to say:

She is making a huge difference in her kids lives teaching them life skills, all their lessons, PE, home economics and teaching them how to be an upstanding member of society. She is a model teacher who is deserving of this award.

Congrats, Lacy, from all of us at KISS 98.1! Get to know Ms. Heinz through her Q&A below.

How many years have you been teaching?

My oldest is 11, so I guess eleven years!

What made you decide that you wanted to homeschool?

I wanted them to have what I didn't get to have. I wanted them to be able to remember things in their 20s and 30s. And I get to learn alongside them! Arabelle is eleven, James is nine, Axel is four and Henry is three.

Why did you choose to be a teacher? Even to your own kids?

I've always liked working with kids, even before we got married. My husband was a teacher when we got married. I've always enjoyed helping little minds have fun and learn life's lessons!

What's your favorite subject to teach?

Probably history, but the oldest like spelling and the youngest just like everything about school and learning to play the piano. We're beginning piano players.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the freedom it gives me to pour into each of them what they truly need and want. It's all individual. To watch their outside interests flourish too. They are good kids and I feel very blessed to stay at home and do all of this.

The KISS 98.1 Honor Roll is powered by Quality Water Northwest. We want to thank all the amazing educators who make our schools great! Each month during the school year, KISS 98.1 will honor a local educator with a spot on the KISS Honor Roll. Each honored educator receives:

  • $100Gift Card from Quality Water Northwest for school supplies

CLICK HERE to nominate your favorite educator!

Heinz Homeschool

Heinz Homeschool