The 'Dirty Dancing' Resort Is Real & You Can Actually Vacation There

Pack your bags: we've found your next vacation destination.

One of the best movies to watch on a summer night is undeniably Dirty Dancing. The romantic flick takes place a dreamy resort in the Catskills that can only be described as #vacationgoals. It turns out we're all in luck. The movie was actually filmed at a real resort and you can totally visit IRL. Here's everything you need to know.

While Dirty Dancing's The Kellerman Resort was in upstate New York, the real resort is called Mountain Lake Hotel. The Mountain Lake Hotel is also located in Pembroke, Virginia as opposed to the Catskills. According to Business Insider, Dirty Dancing's producers chose the relatively unknown resort as their location because it fit in the film's low production budget.


The Mountain Lake Hotel is still running today and even hosts three Dirty Dancing themed weekend every year. Make sure you pack your dancing shoes when planning your visit because these special weeks have a sock hop and group dance lessons. Sounds fun, right? There's also a watermelon toss, scavenger hunt, and a screening of the movie. Oh, yeah, you can even stay in the same cabin Baby spent the summer in, as well.

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