Check Out What Food Banks Need, But Won't Ask For

We know that food banks provide your basic needs like canned food, oatmeal, rice and bread. But what you probably didn't know is there is actually stuff they really need but just won't ask you for.

  1. Spices - Consider throwing in some of your favorite spices like Cumin, or cinnamon maybe some Garlic Salt.
  2. Toiletries - Toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, even shampoo.
  3. Chocolate - nothing would make someone in need happier that receiving something sweet! 
  4. Socks - These are said to be one of the most important items for someone that is homeless.
  5. Dog or Cat Food - If a family is going hungry, you can almost bet the family pet is too.

Check out the full list HERE on how you can help.

Jim Dilly

Jim Dilly

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