Shirts & Skins Basketball Core Workout

Hoopfest is on it’s way! Time to up your game and prevent injury with help from U-District PT's Hoop Commitment Program!

Check back here for weekly updated videos to get you game ready...No matter age, skill or fitness level!

WEEK FIVE: Get that core game-ready (and summer ready)!

Are you playing Shirts and Skins this summer? If so you better get your core ready so you can look good and play strong on the court. Learn the 3 Levels of the 3D Side Bridge so your core will be strong in all 3 planes of motion.




Mike graduated from Gonzaga University with a BA in Business and completed his Master of Arts in Servant Leadership at Gonzaga. He played basketball for Gonzaga’s Elite 8 and Sweet 16 teams, earning WCC Defensive Player of the Year and All-Academic Team honors. In 2009, Mike completed a 40-week mentorship program in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute.

Mike is a licensed Sports Nutritionist and has been an Adjunct Professor for Gonzaga University since 2010, teaching health, human movement, and nutrition classes. Mike specializes in Sports Performance training and is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Gonzaga University.


Hoop Commitment


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