Harder & Holman's signs you've joined a bad gym.

Did you resolve to join a gym for 2019?  If so, hopefully you won't recognize anything found on this list of Harder & Holman's Top Signs You Joined a Bad Gym.

  • Their classes include "Quidditch."
  • When your personal trainer says it's time to feel the burn, they pull out a book of matches.
  • The facility tour has a cover charge and a two drink minimum.
  • You leave covered in sweat. And stab wounds.
  • Naked old men wander around the locker room...and the weight room...the parking lot...
  • When you walk in, they hand you a towel . . . from a different gym.
  • All the trainers fondly remember the Eisenhower administration.
  • The steam room doubles as a laundry.
  • The "Stairmaster" is just a rusty fire escape out back.
  • All the TV's are set to The Food Network.
  • All the blenders at the juice bar are making margaritas. (Sorry, that'd be a sign you joined a GREAT gym.)
  • There's a smoking section.
Harder & Holman

Harder & Holman

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