People Reveal The Stupid Things They Did In 2018

While a lot of people took to social media this week to look back on all that they accomplished in 2018, not everyone is proud about what went down, and many are speaking up about it.

After a Twitter user from Brooklyn named Rachel Millman asked fellow users to reveal the stupidest things they did in 2018, lots of folks chimed in. In fact, she got more than 1,600 responses, and many were hilarious.

  • For example, one guy admitted he got a Steve Buscemi tattoo after losing a bet, while another person admitted he tried to zoom in on a paper map, and one gal says she almost stole a coyote because she thought it was a stray puppy.
  • Then there was the guy who walked into his doctor’s office thinking it was the dentist and told them he “needed a cleaning,” and one gal said she tried to grab for a pole on the train, which then jerked causing her to punch a woman in the face.
  • Even funnier, one guy said he spent two minutes trying to unlock the door of his house by pushing the unlock button for his car. He noted, “I’m said to report this is not the first time I’ve done this.”

What is the dumbest thing you did last year? Are you willing to admit it to friends?

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