Multiple Dancers Claim Harry Styles' Grammy Performance Had A Major Slip Up

Photo: Getty Images

Harry Styles made waves at the Grammys last night when he took home the Album Of The Year award over favorites from Beyonce, Bad Bunny, and Adele. But he also drew plenty of attention for his performance, which was a bit of a strange dud in an otherwise exciting night. Fans noted the lack of energy and underwhelming chemistry between Harry and all his dancers, but there might be a pretty good reason why.

Two of the dancers involved in the performance have taken to TikTok today to explain why things felt so messy during the rendition of Harry's hit song 'As It Was.' The first video to go viral following the show claims that "during harry's entire performance the stage was spinning the wrong way and the dancers + harry had to adjust to it while performing." A second, more detailed video from another dancer explained the situation even further. She recounts her side of the story starting with "we rehearse for 10 days getting down these beautiful formations...and the whole time we were practicing with the turntable counterclockwise." But once it was actually time for the show "the performance starts and the turntable starts going the wrong way."

How this issue happened or how Harry himself feels about it isn't yet known and neither Harry or the Grammys themselves have come out and confirmed the rumors yet. But with multiple dancers going viral with their side of the story in the wake of a performance that many felt had something off about it, it's easy to believe the story could have happened as they're telling it.

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