Lil Nas X Becomes Santa Claus In Festive, Futuristic 'Holiday' Music Video

Lil Nas X is ready for Christmas in his latest music video.

Earlier this week, the rapper announced his comeback single, “Holiday,” and accompanied last night’s premiere of the festive track with a pretty freaky and futuristic music video.

The Gibson Hazard-directed project — which received a teaser trailer featuring Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox — opens in the North Pole on Christmas Eve, Lil Nas X takes the form of a shiny, silver-clad Santa Claus who controls a team of robotic elves and rides around the world with the help of his robotic reindeer. Elsewhere in the visual, the 21-year-old can be seen wearing a number of futuristic outfits, driving around his toy factory and performing some pretty impressive choreography.

“Ayy, it's a holiday/ I got h—s on h—s and they outta control, yeah/ Ayy, it's another way/ All my n—as on go and I hope that you know it,” Lil Nas X sings on the mid-tempo bop.

“Holiday” serves as the first single from Lil Nas X’s upcoming debut studio album, and it’s also his first new song he’s put out so far this year. He previously released a remix of “Rodeo” featuring hip-hop icon, Nas, with whom he performed the track live at the Grammys this year.

The Grammy-winning country rap star has been priming fans for his debut LP, which is set to release next year. While accepting the Top Hot 100 Song trophy at the Billboard Music Awards last month, he teased, “In 2021, I’m dropping the greatest album of all time. I love you goodnight.”

In recent months, Lil Nas X has previewed the apparent tracklist from his first full-length effort, which includes potential songs titled "Call Me By Your Name," "One Of Me," "Titanic" and "Don't Want It."

Photo: YouTube