Amanda Seales On Her Exit From 'The Real': 'People Weren't Being Honest'

Amanda Seales has opened up about her short-lived time as a co-host on The Real.

Speaking with comedian Godfrey during a recent Instagram Live session, the Insecure actress, 39, revealed that the role required her to keep shut about issues affecting the Black community. "It was breaking my spirit," she explained during the broadcast. "I was being asked to not talk about certain things that felt like a betrayal to my people and to me as a person. On top of that, I didn’t want to be somewhere where people weren’t being honest with me, where people felt scared of me because of my Black womanness.”

More specifically, Seales went in-depth about a situation that didn't sit well with her while on-set of the long-running talk show, which recently saw Tamera Mowry-Housley announce her own departure. "I did a Smart, Funny, and Black game on The Real and I was so excited to get to play," she said in reference to her own show, detailing the segment's rules about letting guests answer questions about Black history and culture. "They assigned it to the one White woman producer. But we have three Black women producers and one Black guy producer. So, I was like, 'Why are you producing this?' And she said, 'Oh because so-and-so assigned it to me.' And I said, 'But, why would you be producing this? You’re a White woman. You don’t understand what we’re going to be talking about.' Now, she could have said, 'Well, actually I grew up in this culture if that was the case.'"

Seales went on to explain that she challenged the producer over her knowledge of the segment, to which the crew member said that she was going to let Seales take the lead. As you can imagine, the co-host did not take well to the whole ordeal. "It's like if we were doing a segment on the Sabbath dinner, she was the one Jewish person on staff, she should be in charge of that segment because she has the most expertise on that," she continued.

After the exchange, tension arose between the two and that appeared to be one of the breaking points for the star. "She went crying to somebody saying that I attacked her," the star recalled. "There was another producer who stepped in and said, 'Listen, we goin work on it.' And she proved my point because I'm new to this show. I need to work with somebody who knows the show. I know my show, Smart, Funny and Black, and you’re going to help us put this together. And so, I couldn’t stay in a place like that."

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