Sam Smith Just Wants Someone "To Die For" In New Album Title Track

That feeling of loneliness and wanting to find love so badly — we've all been there, and now Sam Smith has perfectly summed it up in a new song on Valentine's Day: "To Die For." It's an anthem for all the lonely hearts out there.

"To Die For" begins with a sample from 2001 cult film Donnie Darko that says, "It is if everyone dies alone/ Does that scare you?/ I don't wanna be alone." Then, in the chorus, Sam talks about seeing happy couples around, while feeling alone. They sing, "Pink lemonade sippin' on a Sunday/ Couples holding hands on a runway/ They're all posing in a picture frame/ Whilst my world's crashing down/ Solo shadow on a sidewalk/ Just want somebody to die for/ Sunshine livin' on a perfect day/ While my world's crashing down/ I just want somebody to die for."

In a statement, Smith explained of the new track, "Releasing this song is going to be a wild one — I feel like it's from the deepest parts of me. I wrote this with Jimmy Napes and Stargate in L.A. during a time of self-discovery and heartbreak. This is for all the lonely hearts out there on another Valentine's Day.

In the official music video, which is directed by Grant Singer, Sam is a mannequin head in a shop window watching happy couples stroll by, until they're the only one left on display.

"To Die For" is from his forthcoming new third album of the same name, which follows 2017's The Thrill of It All, as well as their more recently-released songs, "Dancing With A Stranger" (with Normani), "How Do You Sleep?" and "I Feel Love" (his cover of Donna Summer's iconic disco hit."

In a post on social media, Sam explained of To Die For, "I am more proud of this album than anything I’ve ever done. I’ve really set myself free the last two years whilst writing this and I hope you can dance and relate to these stories. It’s all for you, always."

Photo: Walter Pfeiffer