Caitlyn Jenner Awkwardly Posts 4 Photos Of Kendall On Kylie's Birthday

Kylie Jenner celebrated her 22nd birthday on Saturday (Aug. 19) while on a lavish Italian getaway with friends and family. In addition to partying the night away on a yacht, Kylie must have been reveling in the lovely birthday posts her famous family members shared on Instagram. Well, most of them, anyway. Caitlyn Jenner made an awkward blunder when wishing Kylie a happy birthday on the social media app. While writing a sweet message to Kylie in the post's caption, Caitlyn shared four photos of Kylie's older sister Kendall Jenner instead.

"Life was so simple back then, but life is so good today. Happy birthday to my little baby @KylieJenner," Caitlyn captioned the post, which has since been deleted. Buzzfeed took screenshots of the mistake, though, which you can see below.

It wasn't long before fans started calling Caitlyn out for sharing four photos of Kendall instead of Kylie. After realizing her mistake, Caitlyn shared a new post in honor of Kylie's birthday. The new caption simply read "Happy birthday @KylieJenner" and included only two photos, both of which include Kendall and Kylie in them.

Unfortunately for Caitlyn, fans continued to spam the new post with comments about her unfortunate mix up. "So you gonna act like we ain't see u mix up ur kids," one person wrote. "You had to post a pic with both so you wouldn’t get confused," another added.All seems well in the Jenner family, though, as Kylie did like the updated photo.

Photo: Getty