New 'Zombieland: Double Tap' Teaser, Release Date Revealed: See It Now

42nd Sitges Film Festival: 'Zombieland' Premiere

42nd Sitges Film Festival: 'Zombieland' Premiere

The first teaser for Zombieland 2 is here!

On Friday (July 19), Sony Pictures surprised Zombieland lovers with the movie poster and release date for horror comedy’s highly-anticipated follow-up. In the advert, shared to the official Zombieland Facebook page, depicts the mass destruction of a post-apocalyptic city block contorted into the figure 2, along with the sequel’s official title, Zombieland: Double Tap.

As you know, most of the 2009 film’s original cast is expected to return, including Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. According to, Zoey Deutch, Rosario Dawson, Luke Wilson, Thomas Middleditch, and Avan Jogia have also been recruited.

See the movie poster for Zombieland: Double Tap below.

Weeks after its premiere, the zombie comedy became the top-grossing zombie film in the United States ($60.8 million), besting 2004's Dawn of the Dead. As expected, original Zombieland director, Ruben Fleischer, helms the years-long project which the entire cast seems to be excited about.

“Well the reason we’re all doing it again is ‘cause we all love the world of the movie so much,” Fleischer told

He added: “I think it was a real touchstone for all, for me certainly ‘cause it was my first movie, but I think for Emma and Jesse it was a really just significant movie in their evolution. And Woody paid me a huge compliment. I was on the phone with him the other day and he said he’s probably made over a hundred movies but the most fond memory he has is making Zombieland.”

Zombieland: Double Tap arrives in theaters on October 18.

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