Natasha Bedingfield Ends 9 Year Hiatus With New Album "Roll With Me"

18th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball.

18th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball.

For many Natasha Bedingfield’s "Unwritten" lyrics still hold true, but not for her. Natasha’s fourth studio album "Roll With Me" has been written, recorded and mixed for fans waiting patiently for her return to music. The 37 year old artist will release the project, her first in nine years since ‘Strip Me,’ on August 30th 2019.

According to Vents Magazine, Natasha’s aim in this latest effort was to make ‘bright’ music that ‘moves’ people in an honest way, which she accomplished with collaborator and multi-platinum producer Linda Perry at her side. 

I wanted to make music that moves people and makes them move, bright and bold but in a way that is also raw and honest.

Perry produced the entire album and is distributing it with Bedingfield via the music label, publishing and management house she co-founded with Kerry Brown titled WE ARE HEAR. She was drawn towards working with the "Pocketful of Sunshine" singer because of her talent and skill at pulling off live performances.

I wanted to work with Natasha because she is one of the best live performers I have ever seen and has one of the most versatile voices I have ever heard. It was important to both of us to capture the true spirit of who Natasha Bedingfield is and we nailed it!

Although followers have to wait a little over a month to hear all the new music Natasha has been working on of late, the ‘Weightless’ songstress did just drop her new single “Roller Skate.” Fans can also expect another song from the album on August 2nd called “Kick It.”

Viewers who have tuned in to the recent reboot of MTV's "The Hills" might also have noticed an auditory face-lift to the series' iconic theme song "Unwritten." Bedingfield created a remix specifically for the "The Hills: New Beginnings" which has since garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

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