Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black Have Announced That They're Expecting


Valentine's Day 2018 saw Tom Daley and Lance black share some exciting news with their millions of followers on Instagram. If you haven't heard yet, the British diver and his husband, Lance Black, are going to be fathers.

On Wednesday (February 14), Daley and Black took to the social media platform to share shots of the pair holding a photo of an ultrasound print. Word of a baby for the couple shouldn't be too big of a surprise for fans, especially considering the 23-year-old athlete's interview with The Belfast Telegraph in 2017. "Lance and I definitely want a family in the future," Daley admitted. "Who knows when? We’re both lucky to have supportive families. We want to share that with our own children."

Daley and Black met at a mutual friend's dinner party in early 2013 when athlete gave the Oscar-winning director his phone number and offered him an invitation to hang out. Fast forward to October 2015 and the blogosphere learned of the pair's engagement. Less than a year later, the two married in May 2017.


Photo: AOL


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