I admit that I always enjoy being reminded of our weird spring weather here....usually by people new to our start of Spring!

I guess other people aren't used to snow showers in the sun shine??  A pretty solid sign of Spring tho here...and pretty funny too.

I also admit that I figured out the whole Groundhog prediction thing a few years ago too.  He either says that its 6 more weeks of winter, or that spring is just 6 weeks away.  Either way...you still have 6 more weeks! :) And its the weather...even weather people can't predict it right all the time!

But I guess this knowledge hasn't arrived on everyone yet...even those who have made it thru law school...because this morning I saw this story about a guy back east who wants to sue the Groundhog for mis-stating that we would have an early Spring and is calling for the death penalty on it too.

Yeah.  This guy has filed the papers and everything.

Sad?  Yeah.  One, this guy has wayyyyy too much time on his hands to do this. And two, going out on a limb here...gonna guess that his own Law Practice isn't going so well?  Highly doubt having this case on his record will help that too much either. Tongue out

This is what the guy has filed.