Thats what I told my Hubby yesterday afternoon after watching the Seattle Seahawks come soooooo close to winning, only to ultimately lose the game and chance at the Superbowl.  That hey, they had an amazing year...and finally gave Hawks fans something to be proud of.

He said....No. It doesn't work like that in sports.

I said that is dumb! :)

I like to find the good in it all.  Even a loss....hey they played an amazing second half and came back and made a great game of it.

And really, altho heartbreaking that they lost, it really has been fun this season to have the Hawk fans back to happy and good again.  Its been fun to check in on FB the day after the game and see all the people so excited and on board.  Its fun.  ITs suppose to be fun...for us. More serious for the players...but fun for us fans.

And I am glad to see that the Hawks coach had the same idea and was speaking out in support of his team and the year they had.

See?  I am not the only one who looks for the good in sports... Wink