Yep, me and my mom are haters!

Of the reality tv game playing that goes on.  Too much drama and evilness of people.  Its making it so the shows just aren't fun to watch anymore.

Like on MOnday, I was out sick ( whole family was!) and I got sucked into the marathon of Next Great Baker ( cake boss) and the big finale was that night.  I watched it to the almost end.  Why almost end after spending many hours watching it all?  Because one of the contestants actions totally turned me off when it was down to the final 3.  Instead of letting it be a true baking competition....she sabatoged one of the competitors to her advantage.  She admited in the side interviews that she hid the cooking sheets, so the others couldn't make as much, and what I thought was super disgusting was that she turned the ovens up higher once one of the ladies had put cookies into it.  its just wrong.  And I turned it off and said that I would just find out the winner the next day online.  ( I did by the way, and the cheater LOST...hahahahahaha...and the girl that played fair and she was good won!)

But its more then that she cheated and sabatoged like that to get her way, she did it on public tv.  Really??? She was all about trying to win to get publicity for her own baking business, which they did show several times, but really I think she totally hurt herself and her business.  If I were ever ever ever in her hometown, the last place I would go would be there.  I don't support cheaters and people who act like that regardless.

And I am glad that she wasn't picked as the winner either.  This guy is running a serious and busy and successful business.  He doesn't have time to have someone that he can not trust working in his business.  How does he know if she is selling her own stuff behind his back using his place to do it?? When something burns, how will he know if it wasn't her messing with stuff?  This is suppose to be like a job interview ( but more fun???) and she lied and cheated.  I am super glad she lost. 

And my mom was mentioning that now watching shows like the biggest loser, which is suppose to be about getting healthy, losing weight, getting your life back....has now become more of a nasty game that the people are playing...instead of learning and inspiring others with.  Granted, people are people and when money is on the line, ugly will come out....but wow.  I guess those people would rather be fat with money, then healthy and better off in the long run.

This is why I really like shows like Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo.  What you see is what you get and there is just no nasty.  Just fun! And thats what I watch TV for in the first place! Tongue out