So everybody is weighing in today on the superbowl!  The game was suprisingly little quirks like the power going out for 30 minutes....a decent half time show...and of course....the commercials.

Now here in the morning, there aren't many females.  There are 2 of us in the whole building, but it struck me as odd that I found 2 male coworkers talking about the commercials.  more so as theses 2 guys are rather "sporty" guys...I would have bet money that they were talking about the plays and the game and the calls....but nope...about the commercials! ( Which by the way...would have gone the same way as all my other bets!  Loser!)

And they were talking about....the Go Daddy one and the Calvin one.  Those are the 2 worst ones ( so far!) of the game from what I can tell and from what I have seen on twitter about those spots.  I had seen before the game that the geek got to kiss the model about 60 I knew the kiss was coming and it was one of the spots that I did see in the game...and it made me...a bit uncomfortable really.  Odd feeling...not good and certainly NOT making me think that Go daddy is the way to Go!

I missed the undies one...but bless the internet I was able to see it this morning and well....I can see why the 2 guys talking in the hall had no good words for it too.  It was bottom line ( hahah pun on accident!) pandering to us ladies...a little eye candy during the game...a treat for watching the thing!  Oh...and it had something to do with underwear too....I think???

Also with the un-honorable mention....the Genie in the Rav4??  I watched it waiting for brillance in the game.....and never got it.  No brilliance and not getting the idea of it either?  Kinda lame which is not what you want associated with your brand.  Just a guess.

But it was a fun nite...a fun game...and some great commercials too.  The farmer  one with Paul Harvey....THAT was a good move.  Even saw on facebook where people said it would make them want to buy that truck!!