So funny moments on Ellen!

Secret Ingredient!

That new Lady Gaga song!!

Another drop the mic!

Simone Biles is too much!

Mama Junes Transformation


I am a Mom of a four year old, a 7 year old and a wife of a well, thirty something man. ( I can’t remember how old I am most of the time!) I ended up in radio because the people are absolutely the best, funny, goofy people you just like to be around and I figured if someone would pay me to be around these people and be like them too, OK!! Favorite Color: White! Favorite Food: Noodles and most things with noodles or sometimes just noodles. Favorite TV Shows: Sex in the City re-runs, My name is Earl, Greys Anatomy, old Twilight Zones and According to Jim Favorite Movies: Favorites that I really like, You’ve got Mail, When Harry met Sally, StepMom and really old movies ... Movies usually on at my house- Dora, Shrek 2 and Ice Age ( Rissa rules the house!) What I do in my downtime: ??? With 2 kids, hubby and work....downtime is either cleaning or sleeping!!! Favorite Music: I actually really like acoustic stuff, just the artists and guitars ( or whatever) some songs sound better like that I think! Favorite Vacation Spot: Leavenworth WA’s a cool place to hang out and relax any time of the year but REALLY COOL at Christmas time!


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