Where did Gwyneth go wrong??
Looks like her diet! According to sources her strict diet drove Chris Martin crazy! Her diet started to effect the way she parented and what she believed was the best way to raise their kids. Plus their marriage had been falling apart for years, People magazine reports they had an "open" relationship and that Gwyn "didn't care" if her husband slept with another woman.

Woah! Could Miley be preggo??
A new report claims that she might be due to her too many 1 night stands! One of her friends told Life & Style Magazine “She is at the height of her career and isn’t ready for a baby, I don’t think she would even know who the father is, since she has been so promiscuous.”
However, a super close source of Miley told HollywoodLife.com ”Miley is definitely not pregnant. She takes the proper precautions for that not to happen, she is very smart about things when it comes to that and is not going to have a kid especially around this high point in her career.”