A wanted man ended up in handcuffs Tuesday when he crashed into a Spokane Police Department patrol vehicle.

The crash happened Tuesday afternoon along Second Avenue near Madison.

Officers said the suspect who rear-ended the SPD detective had two outstanding warrants. Capt. Eric Olsen said one of the warrants was driving related. The other was for domestic violence according to Olsen.

SPD leaders called the wreck the easiest but most painful arrest for the veteran detective.

Witnesses said the driver of a gold car slammed into the back of the detective. Even though the detective was limping, he began working the scene according to witnesses.

Medics at the scene checked out the detective and took him to the hospital for minor injuries.

SPD leaders said this is the third on-duty crash that the detective has been involved in during his career.  Police Dept. officials added that none of the wrecks were the officer’s fault