A resort on Eloika Lake was one of the last places to have power restored after a storm swept through the region on Saturday. Utilities crews restored power to most of the customers that lost it, but there were still thousands waiting in the dark on Tuesday.

Jerry’s Landing Resort on Eloika Lake was one of the last businesses to get its power back on Monday.

Neighbors described the first storm that passed over the lake as a tornado.  It knocked down 48 trees on the 3.5 acre resort.  Trees fell on six RVs and the resort’s oldest cabin, forcing the owners to close their doors for the time being.

As if that was not enough, the resort got hit by a second storm less than two weeks later. This one took out eight more trees and a home as well as renters’ RVs and vehicles.

WATCH: Houses hit for the second time on Eloika Lake

“That was hard calling people and telling them their RVs were destroyed,” said resort owner Laurie Rasmussen. “That was very hard.”

The second storm forced the owners to shut-down the resort for the remainder of summer and cancel at least a couple hundred reservations.

“Of course this is our busy season, so this is going to be a hit,” Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen and her family said they know they have a challenging year of cleaning and rebuilding ahead of them, but are certain they will bounce back.

“We love this place,” Rasmussen