Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich sent out a memorandum to his deputies stating that sex on duty was not tolerated.

Spokane County deputy Scott Kenoyer got his job back in May after he admitted to having sex while on duty. The sheriff first fired him, but an arbitrator found that the consequence was too severe. Sheriff Knezovich said Kenoyer’s case and others like it forced him to send out a memo making it clear that having sex on duty would not be tolerated.

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Other sheriffs in counties surrounding Spokane said they never needed to send out a letter like the one Sheriff Knezovich sent. Sheriff Knezovich said he felt like he had no choice.

“I never dreamt I'd ever even see such a memo," Knezovich said. "I'm shocked I had to make this statement. Sex on duty is not tolerated, nor is lying.”

Sheriff Knezovich said he was worried that giving deputy Kenoyer his job back would make it seem like it was alright to have sex on duty. In the memo, Sheriff Knezovich said that sex on duty was a breach of the public trust and a breach of the Sheriff’s Office code of ethics; core values and officer safety.

“My legal adviser advised that in order to keep this from being a precedent, it had to be very clear,” said Sheriff Knezovich.  “This agency has established a very firm policy that if you have sex on duty or falsify an official document intentionally, you will be terminated